2012 Mercury Awards Finalists: Supply Chain Innovation


Finalists for the 2012 Mercury Awards Supply Chain Innovation award are:


GMP's One Stop OEM Service

AUNEW Group consists of several different business entities including GMP Pharmaceuticals and GMP Dairy. GMP Pharmaceuticals was conceived in response to customer requirements, many of whom were of Asian origin and who wanted to market a range of safe, trusted, natural products in their home regions. 
GMP developed its One Stop OEM service in response to this demand. This was originally designed to facilitate access to the Japanese markets however, it then expanded to include Korean and Chinese markets. This model has been so successful that GMP now services over 800 customers including retail giants and well-known brand players. 
The success of GMP's exports has doubled in a year and turnover is up to $100 million, highlighting the success of its One Stop Service For Export.


High temperature reusable heat pad

CHEP has designed, developed, tested and manufactured a pool of new high temperature reusable heat pads for Alba. Completed with the required 12-week period, the heat pads allow Alba customers to reheat their solidified tallow ready for decanting. 
CHEP's project brief was to manufacture a sufficient volume of heat pads to meet Alba's customer demand in a set time frame. The heat pads needed to be able to consistently perform to the customer's requirement, which was heating the tallow in a 24- to 36- hour period. The design and manufacturing system that was set-up allowed CHEP to manufacture additional equipment quickly to meet the customer's increasing growth. The removable heat pad also allows the customer to use the same IBC for both heated and non heated products.


Pacific Brands
National distribution centre in Mmelbourne

Pacific Brands was looking to consolidate the distribution for several of its leading brands to one location; its new 42,000 sqm National Distribution Centre in Melbourne. 
In addition, the company also wanted to implement new, flexible, order fulfilment technologies to improve service delivery and quality for all customers. A key safety advantage of voice-directed computing for order picking is that it leaves the user's hands and eyes free at all times. This makes handling and picking goods of all shapes and sizes faster and safer. Consolidating distribution within the new DC has deleiver benefits and savings right across the Pacific Brands supply chain, from reductions in transport and handling to improvements in productivity and quality.


The Living Lab

Australia's first Future Logistics Living Lab, located at NICTA's Australian Technology Park offices in Sydney, Australia, is a dedicated exhibition, event and work space driven by a group of logistics companies, research organisations, universities, and IT providers. 
The concept of The Living Lab is to allow industry to work together to exchange experience, discuss trends, innovate and research to jointly shape the future of logistics. The Living Lab makes communication and brainstorming at the beginning of new projects simpler. It particularly improves collaboration on projects which run across multiple sites.
Over the past year, more than 850 visitors have toured the Living Lab, including the Australian Prime Minister, members of the Australia Federal Parliament, as well as international delegations from Germany, China, Japan, and the US.


Transport Works
SWARM solution project

The scope of the project instigated by Transport Works for lumbing and building supplier was to take ownership of a $4 million transport and freight logistics function, and transform it from an under-performing one-size-fits-all solution, into a best practice freight logistics offer, underpinning growth in the domestic distribution of imported product and branch to branch requirements Australia-wide. 
Ongoing efforts continue to refine all elements of the supply chain function, including imported product wharf cartage, branch point-to-point courier services and state-based requirements, as the clients business continues to grow and expand its national branch network. As a result of the success of this project, Transport Works has since been engaged by the clients' New Zealand operation to replicate the Australian solution.


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