Aussie delivery startup Passel to launch in Ireland

Passel the Australian startup where shoppers deliver on their way home to shoppers has announced that it will launch in Ireland before Christmas.

Passel was selected as one of the successful companies in the Smart Dublin Last Mile Delivery Challenge, a global search seeking innovative, smart, low-cost solutions to optimise freight and cargo deliveries in urban centres.

Enterprise Ireland’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative aims to create partnerships between startups and public bodies to develop innovative solutions to public needs through competitive challenges. These challenges are co-funded by Enterprise Ireland.

“The process is competitive and allows local authorities to collaborate and work closely with innovation-led SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to tackle real-life issues and problems. The solutions produced through these collaborations can potentially be employed to improve local, national and even global societies, with far-reaching benefits for both people and innovative SMEs with global ambition,” Tom Kelly, Head of Innovation and Competitiveness, Enterprise Ireland said.

Passel is one of 6 companies selected for Phase 1 of the project. Other successful tenders include UPS and We Bringg.