Chinese shoppers love Australian goods, put off by delivery

A survey of online shoppers living in major Chinese cities has found that, while Australian goods enjoy a stellar reputation for quality and value, long delivery times are making a third of the shoppers hesitant to buy Australian products.

The research, commissioned by FedEx, found 80 per cent of the shoppers would be more likely to make a purchase if the seller was using an established international shipping company.

“Australian brands enjoy a high reputation among consumers in China,” said Kim Garner, Managing Director, FedEx Express Australasia. “In e-commerce, successful delivery plays an important part in the customer experience – customers want to know that their package will arrive safely and quickly.”

The ability to return orders easily was also identified as a significant factor in purchase decision-making, with 69 per cent of respondents recognising it as ‘highly important’, fooled by reliable solutions for outsized, perishable or fragile deliveries (66 per cent) and fast delivery (66 per cent).

“For Australian businesses to harness e-commerce, logistics plays an important role,” said Garner. Delivery and returns are an important part of the customer experience. That’s why it is so important to have reliable and fast shipping solutions that give Chinese shoppers the confidence to buy from Australia.”

Garner told Logistics & Materials Handling that courier companies should be looking to partner with platforms known to Chinese shoppers.

“Express delivery providers should communicate their offerings to businesses that are marketing and shipping to international audiences,” she said.

“Consumers are looking for more choice and flexibility for delivery options to match their needs, such as day-definite delivery, or more cost-effective options if they don’t need their shipments as quickly.

“With greater delivery options, Chinese customers will be more confident to purchase.”