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Scaco is a wholly Australian-owned  systems integration and automation company. Headquartered in Brisbane and originally founded as Scale Components Pty Ltd we specialise in industrial and in-motion weighing, dimensioning/cubing, identification (barcode scanning, RFID, Vision), materials handling, systems & software design, engineering and integration, technical services, and components supply.

Systems Integrator & Innovator. With a dedicated team of engineers and technical experts we are a leading Systems Integrator capable of designing, supplying, commissioning, and supporting complex systems such as legal-for-trade, Dimension/Weigh/Scan & Conveyor + Divert Systems used by most of Australia’s leading express freight companies.

CubiScan™ We are well known as the exclusive, long-term, Australian and New Zealand agents for the famous CubiScan™ range of SKU, Parcel and Pallet dimensioning products manufactured by the US firm, Quantronix.

Components. We also provide measuring components such as loadcells, remote displays, digital weigh indicators and controllers, as well as software engineering and turnkey systems to Australian Re-Sellers, OEMs and End Users.

Service Expertise. Our software and mechanical engineers and our technical trade specialists provide onsite industrial weighing, cubing/dimensioning, software & information systems, and identification technical services, calibrations, trade-use certifications, repairs and maintenance throughout Australia. We go everywhere.

Experience. Scaco’s  20+ years’ of specialist experience and knowledge has been gained through a broad customer base of industry engagement including: transport, logistics and warehousing, mining and excavation, cement and quarries, waste and recycling, food production and milling, pharmaceutical and scientific, and petrochemical and hazardous area.

Specialist Licenses. The company, Scaco, along with many of our technical staff, are licensed by the Australian National Measurement Institute to provide a wide variety of trade measurement services and calibrations. This is a mandatory legal requirement and a critical point of difference in legal for trade applications.

Empower People. Scaco believes in empowering its people to create and perform. A significant portion of earnings are annually reinvested in research and development initiatives, as well as staff technical training, to meet the measurement technology needs of a diverse client base. Whatever your measurement requirements may be, we have the solution.