DB Schenker CIO AU/NZ on the cloud, disruption and technology

DB Schenker

Charlie Macdonald, Chief Information Officer, DB Schenker AU/NZ, recently shared insight on the impact of disruptive technologies on the transport and logistics sector with the university of Sydney’s Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies.

Macdonald has over 25 years’ experience working around the globe in the transport and logistics industry, and a passion for learning more about the innovative information technologies shaping the modern world.

He spoke at a recent seminar held by the Institute, one of a series focused on leadership and policy issues in transport and logistics.

Macdonald’s presentation focused on the impact of disrupting technologies on the transport and logistics sector, in particular how the adoption of the cloud and mobile technologies has changed many industries and transformed supply chains globally.

He noted that he foresees the next wave of disruption coming from the combination of the cloud and mobility technologies with the Internet of Things, Big Data analytics and machine learning.