Logistics & Materials Handling https://logisticsmagazine.com.au Tue, 24 Apr 2018 01:25:06 +0000 en-AU hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.5.1 Sydney’s transport modelling “60 years out of date” https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/sydneys-roads-model-60-years-out-of-date/ https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/sydneys-roads-model-60-years-out-of-date/#respond Tue, 24 Apr 2018 01:12:04 +0000 https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/?p=34095 Continue reading Sydney’s transport modelling “60 years out of date” ]]> Modelling used by the State government to forecast traffic flows when planning new transport infrastructure such as WestConnex, has not changed since the 1950 and is flawed, according to a leading traffic expert at the University of Sydney Business School.

Dr Michiel Bliemer, who is the Professor and Chair in Transport Network Modelling in the Business School’s Institute of Transport and Logistic Studies (ITLS), also says the government is aware that its modelling is based in “unrealistic assumptions of traffic flows”.

Dr Bliemer points to the financially troubled multibillion dollar Cross City Tunnel as an example of infrastructure built without a “realistic” understanding of the number of vehicles likely to use it each day.

“The models that are being used today are based on the same assumptions that we made in the 1950s when there was virtually no congestion,” said Dr Bliemer. These models still assume that congestion is very light and that queues are unlikely to form anywhere in the network.”

“It’s a bit like going to the supermarket. The 1950’s model assumes that there are always enough checkouts and that queues will never form. When it comes to our roads, that kind of assumption is no longer valid, especially in Sydney where we have a lot of congestion that impacts on travelling times and that cannot be predicted by the old model.”

Dr Bliemer says because the government, aware that its modelling is no longer valid, will often warn that its assumptions and the actual results may differ.

In addition, he says that governments in this state and throughout Australia usually refuse to disclose the assumptions they have used when assessing the demands on a major piece of public infrastructure.

“They say there are concerns about confidentiality, especially when toll roads are being built, but in other countries this process is completely transparent,” says Dr Bliemer. “I think you should always disclose all of your calculations and all of your forecasting because the public needs to know how taxpayer’s money is being spent.”

The modelling dilemma facing the government, according to Dr Bliemer, stems from the size and complexity of Sydney’s road networks.

“Sydney is a very complex network consisting of thousands of road sections and many origins and destinations that all need to be modelled,” he says.

“We have to be able to model the movements of 4 million people all at once. We need to know how many are moving from home to work or going shopping every single day. The model needs to predict how many people are using a single road and the travel times they face.”


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Smart mobility experts sign on for show https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/smart-mobility-experts-sign-on-for-show/ https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/smart-mobility-experts-sign-on-for-show/#respond Mon, 23 Apr 2018 23:54:56 +0000 https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/?p=34092 Continue reading Smart mobility experts sign on for show ]]> PTV Group – providers of technology and smart software that makes mobility more efficient, safer and better for the environment – is onboard for multimodal supply chain expo MEGATRANS2018.

The business specialises in software for multimodal transport planning, route optimisation and more innovative transport solutions.

MEGATRANS2018 takes place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 10-12 May this year. For more information on the event and on exhibiting, contact Anastasia Razdiakonova: P 03 9690 8766 E anastasia.razdiakonova@primecreative.com.au

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CBH Group sets new Australian grain train record https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/cbh-group-sets-new-australian-grain-train-record/ https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/cbh-group-sets-new-australian-grain-train-record/#respond Mon, 23 Apr 2018 22:48:07 +0000 https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/?p=34083 Continue reading CBH Group sets new Australian grain train record ]]> CBH Group has broken our previous record for the longest and largest grain train operated in Australia.

The single 1.8 kilometre train with 120 wagons and three locomotives yesterday delivered over 9,000 tonnes of wheat to CBH’s Kwinana Grain Terminal.

The movement broke our previous grain industry record of 88 wagons back in July 2016, which contained 6,500 tonnes of wheat and was 1.3 kilometres long.

CBH General Manager Operations David Capper said the record train was part of a trial undertaken to better understand how CBH could transport grain in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

“When we made the rail investment back in 2010-11 and partnered with our rail operator Watco, the overwhelming driver was to take control of above rail operations and deliver our growers the most efficient transport service possible,” Mr Capper said.

“In that first year, we were able to reduce freight rates by 7 per cent and while these reductions have continued – rail freight rates are about 20 per cent lower now than in 2010-11 – there is so much more we want to achieve,” Mr Capper said.

Since setting the previous train record in 2016, CBH has continued to utilise the 88-wagon train as part of a suite of efficient rail transport options. The success of the 120-wagon train trial will enable CBH to drive further efficiencies and provide more options to utilise our wagons more effectively.

In planning for the 2018 trial, CBH worked in consultation with Arc Infrastructure to ensure the record train met safe operating standards.

“While operating longer and larger trains creates economies of scale, we have to balance these efficiencies against other logistics considerations including the allocation of our rolling stock resources throughout the rest of network,” Mr Capper said.

“We learnt a lot when running the previous 88 wagon-train in 2016, and through this trial, we’ll build on those learnings to make sure we get growers’ grain to market in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

“It’s certainly not about setting a record, but it is nice to see Western Australia out in front.”

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Warren Truss appointed as ARTC Chair https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/warren-truss-appointed-as-artc-chair/ https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/warren-truss-appointed-as-artc-chair/#respond Mon, 23 Apr 2018 22:40:12 +0000 https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/?p=34080 Continue reading Warren Truss appointed as ARTC Chair ]]> Former Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss has today been appointed Chair of the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack said Mr Truss would bring experience and energy oversighting the Australian Government owned interstate rail network company.

“As a former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Mr Truss was a driving force in the delivery of significant Australian Government infrastructure investments, including the early funding for Inland Rail,” Mr McCormack said.

“Mr Truss brings a wealth of experience to ARTC with knowledge of the complexity in Australia’s growing freight and passenger task, leadership in the delivery major infrastructure projects and a strong understanding of regional Australia.”

The Acting Prime Minister thanked Dr Helen Nugent AO and noted that under her leadership, ARTC has delivered significant improvements to the efficiency and competitiveness of Australia’s interstate rail network and driven the early stages of the Inland Rail project.

Minister for Finance Mathias Cormann said he was looking forward to again working with Mr Truss, who has been appointed to the role for the next three years.

“ARTC manages the nation’s interstate network and is responsible for the delivery of the Inland Rail, to which the Australian Government has invested $9.3 billion, including $8.4 billion equity in the 2017–18 Budget,” the Minister said.

Minister Cormann said that with Mr Truss as Chair, ARTC will have a renewed focus on stakeholder engagement and delivery as we work towards construction this year.

“I also thank Dr Nugent for her service and contribution to ARTC. I am looking forward to seeing how Mr Truss can shape the ARTC’s ongoing delivery of key rail projects the Australian Government is delivering,” Minister Cormann said.

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Flinders Port Holdings welcomes new Director https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/flinders-port-holdings-welcomes-new-director/ https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/flinders-port-holdings-welcomes-new-director/#respond Mon, 23 Apr 2018 06:00:17 +0000 https://logisticsmagazine.com.au/?p=34076 Continue reading Flinders Port Holdings welcomes new Director ]]>

Mr John Marlay, Chairman of Flinders Port Holdings Pty Limited (FPH), announced that Director Mr Chris Langford had stepped down after almost six years on the FPH Board.  Mr Langford was appointed to the FPH Board on 16 July 2012, shortly after FPH’s acquisition of the Adelaide Container Terminal from DP World. Mr Langford’s appointment had significant regard to his experience in container terminal operations and management over many years, including with ANL and P&O Ports.

Mr Marlay stated that “Chris was a valued member of the Board who took a collegiate approach and was always very willing to bring his depth of experience to bear in an appropriate manner”. During the past 6 years (Chris’ time on the Board), FPH has invested $149.4 million in South Australian ports infrastructure, employed approximately 330 additional employees, and has seen a 2.7% compound average growth rate in cargo volumes.

“On behalf of the Board, we would like to thank Chris for his time and effort as a Director at Flinders Port Holdings over the last six years. We wish him every success for his future endeavours” said Mr Marlay.

With the departure of Mr Langford, the FPH Board is pleased to welcome another highly experienced logistics professional with the appointment of Ms Christine Miller as a Director.

Ms Miller has an exceptional background in the logistics industry and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in supply chain solution design and delivery, leadership and change management.   Ms Miller has held senior executive roles with logistics organisations AP Moller (Maersk) and XAct Solutions and is currently a Senior Director with CBRE Australia. Ms Miller holds an MBA in International Business Studies.

“Christine has a very strong background in logistics and supply chain solutions, and we are looking forward to welcoming her to the Board and working with Christine for the advancement of the FPH Group”. Mr Marlay said.

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