Increase loading dock safety with Australia’s first telescopic lip dock leveler

The loading dock is a critical link for any business that ships and receives goods, so it makes sense that using the best equipment available is key in the efficient and safe handling of those goods. That’s why Assa Abloy has introduced the first telescopic lip dock leveler in to Australia.

The DL6020T Teledock – available exclusively through Assa Abloy in this region –bridges the gap between vehicle and loading dock to ensure smooth and safe transfer of goods, and is suitable for every loading situation, regardless of its complexity.

Unlike commonly used swing lip levelers, the Teledock has a movable telescopic lip, which provides a larger contact area between the vehicle bed and the dock leveller.  As a result it can be precisely positioned on the vehicle bed for optimal load utilisation and increased safety, explained Andrew Barker, National Sales Manager at Assa Abloy.

“If you are a large business that has a lot of containers coming in to the country, they are usually loaded right to the rear of the trailer,” he said. “What happens is that the swing lift leveller can’t engage with the back of the truck, meaning that the first row of goods has to be hand unloaded before a fork lift can be used. This causes a slow down in productivity and a slow down in unloading and loading of the truck.

“It also becomes a health and safety issue because there is a gap between the warehouse and the back of the truck where people are handballing the goods, meaning people could slip and fall down in between there.”

The Teledock comes with the option of an Ergonomic Lip, which provides a bump-free transition from the leveler platform to the lip. This makes the DL6020T Teledock ideal for operations with electrical pallet trucks.

It is also fully automated through the innovative and unique Assa Abloy 950 Series docking control system, offering direct control of the dock leveler, dock shelter and door through one control unit. With only a few self-explanatory buttons it is easy to operate, helping organisations to meet the demands of modern logistics. Separate steering units or complex wiring are no longer needed.

The DL6020T Teledock is now available in Australia exclusively through Assa Abloy.

To find out more visit the Assa Abloy website here or call Andrew Barker on 0401168410.