Isuzu Australia CEO to retire

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has announced that Director and CEO Phil Taylor will retire from the company.

Phil’s journey with IALbegan in Queensland in the early 90s during which time he took on several roles in fleet and retail sales and worked to grow the breadth and reach of Isuzu’s Queensland dealer network.

He eventually made the move to a national position based at Isuzu’s Port Melbourne head office 18 years ago.

With an eminent career spanning 28 years at IAL, Mr Taylor’s vision for improved performance combined with a passion for great product has seen IAL’s unshakeable position as the top-selling truck brand in Australia – making him one of the most successful and formidable leaders in a hyper-competitive industry.

“Every successful business is only as good as the people behind it. The position IAL finds itself in now is the result of many incredible minds, whose commitment to the company’s vision is the reason for our long-term success,” Phil said.

“I leave this industry at a time of great change. Technology is set to dominate the automotive industry in ways we never thought possible and I am comfortable that IAL has the firm plans in place to capitalise on the anticipated change it will bring. For mine, it’s teamwork that will remain a key factor in continuing to strengthen IAL into the future,” he continued.

IAL’s Managing Director, Ms Hiroko Yaguchi, regarded Mr Taylor’s leadership as one that has bolstered IAL’s presence both locally and on the world stage.

“Phil’s tenure with IAL can quite rightly be described as world-class. He’s helped to elevate the brand in Australia into an operation the rest of the Isuzu world looks to for best practice on a number of fronts,” she said.