Managing a mobile workforce with digital time and attendance

The task of managing and monitoring a remote workforce can be challenging, with more and more employees based out on the road, from multiple workplaces or at home, it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to hold accurate data about their workforce.

This is particularly relevant in the logistics and transport industry, where a staggering 80% of employees are not based at a desk. This presents a difficulty for managers to stay aware of employee location and hours worked. Using traditional time and attendance solutions, such as time sheets and punch clocks are no longer suitable for a modern workforce in today’s transport and logistics industry.

There is now a need to have a central location whereby all managers, HR and payroll employees are able to access information about their workforce.

Industry compliance

In an industry where compliance and regulation are fundamental aspects of managing a workforce, there are many benefits of introducing a digital time and attendance system.

A major priority for the transport and logistics industry is the requirement to remain legally compliant with hours worked. Safety for workers is one of the most important factors when managing a workforce and by implementing a digital time and attendance software solution, HR managers are aware of hours worked and can ensure that all employees are legally compliant with industry regulations.

This is important in an industry that features roles where it is fundamental to keep on top of fatigue management and hours worked. Being able to see at a glance the hours worked and location of all employees allows organisations to avoid costly fines as well as ensures the safety and wellbeing of an entire workforce.

Workplace health and safety

The health and safety of employees is a priority for every business. By introducing a digital time and attendance process, businesses have access to software that tracks employee attendance and visitors. A customised time and attendance solution can facilitate particular Workplace Health and Safety processes and gives managers an accurate real-time list of who is working at a particular site, facility or office.

Having an accurate on-site list allows managers to quickly account for those on the premises, ensuring time is saved during emergencies.

A further safety initiative found with many time and attendance software systems is the use of biometric scanners. Biometric scanners work by measuring features of the body that are unique to each person, and thus offer greater accuracy in attendance tracking and access control.

They prohibit employees from borrowing keys and entering controlled areas and reduce time theft as well as the possibility of an employee clocking in on behalf of another.

In addition, site managers are also able to access accurate data about who is where at any given time, ensuring that high risk areas are not left unsupervised or whether employees have had access to sensitive areas onsite.

Mitrefinch – intelligent employee management 

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