New Tyco® ESFR-22 sprinklers from Johnson Controls added to the Tyco family of storage sprinklers

Johnson Controls has announced its new Tyco ® Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR)-22 pendent sprinklers has joined the Tyco line of storage sprinklers.

The ESFR-22 can be installed in storage facilities with a ceiling height up to 45 feet and a storage arrangement up to 40 feet without requiring in-rack sprinklers.

The system can also be installed with a maximum deflector-to-ceiling distance of 18 inches, resulting in a reduction of product and installation costs, as well as increased storage space due to higher roof/rack heights.

Facility owners gain additional flexibility with stock configurations and eliminate costly in-rack sprinkler service, repair and maintenance. Model ESFR-22 sprinklers are primarily used for ceiling-only sprinkler protection of, but not limited to, the following storage applications:

  •  Most encapsulated or non-encapsulated common materials, including cartoned, unexpanded plastics
  • Uncartoned (exposed) expanded plastics
  • Some storage arrangements of rubber tires, roll paper, flammable liquids and aerosols

The ESFR-22 meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and FM Global (FM Approvals) installation standards that must be used to properly design an automatic sprinkler system utilising ESFR Sprinklers.

The ESFR-22 joins the broad line of Tyco storage solutions. For more information, visit