MHE-Demag installs one of Australia’s largest KBK systems

In a long and proud history of KBK light crane solutions, a new milestone has been set.

Agriculture machinery manufacturer Boss Engineering is now using one of the largest KBK systems in Australia.

While the arrangement of the KBK is comparatively simple, the KBK system at Boss Engineering is pushing the limits due to its size. With a runway length of 94 metres and a girder size of 13 metres, this KBK installation covers an area of 1,222sqm.

To put these numbers of square meters into perspective, most light crane systems go across a range of about 30 to 40sqm.

Boss Engineering uses the KBK system along its assembly line.

For a seamless production, the KBK installation is equipped with four girders that carry a DC-Com 2-250 hoist each.

This arrangement gives Boss Engineering a high degree of flexibility and opportunity to work on multiple machines at once, while keeping the ability of ergonomic material handling and its associated precision.