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Honeywell Safety Products has released a range of respirators as part of their personal protective equipment designed for workers in industrial environments.

This latest range has been created specifically for workers exposed to mould in the workplace. 

Honeywell 3000 half-mask respirators are fitted with a P2/P3 filter and are suitable for use in environments where mould poses a threat.

Made out of lightweight silicone, which prevents oxidation and elasticity loss, the respirator has a large, pliable sealing area that allows for a secure fit. The oversized inhalation ports enable lower-breathing resistance to enhance wearer comfort. 

With an angled, self-adjusting nose bridge, the respirator accommodates safety or prescription eyewear. It has a computer designed face piece that allows optimal speech communication without the aid of a speaking diaphragm.

The product is certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012 standards.

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