Cutting train energy use and emissions

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New Zealand's national rail operator, KiwiRail, has joined forces with TTG Transportation Technology to cut energy consumption and environmental emissions, while managing on-time running of trains, using TTG's Energymiser Driver Advisory System.

Following a successful trial, KiwiRail and TTG will rollout Energymiser across KiwiRail's freight trains – retrofitting up to 182 mainline diesel and electric locomotives.

TTG Transportation Technology is a provider of solutions to optimise energy efficiency, schedules and network capacity of passenger, freight and heavy haul rail; at both planning and operational stages.

Energymiser is a connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS) providing real-time advice for train drivers to identify precise points where to coast, power and brake to conserve energy while helping ensure on-time running, and automatically adapting to actual conditions throughout each train trip.

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