Ergonomic lift tables

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Ergonomic product specialist for the workplace, Actisafe, has two types of lift tables to meet most needs in industrial workplaces.

Known as the Actilev Series, it has two models — Lo Profile and Regular.

Lo Profile

Available in lifting capacities of 1000kg and 2000kg, these can operate at as little as 80mm lowered height and up to 87 mm raised height.

Supported by a heavy-duty design, platform sizes are available in either 1450mm x 1140mm or 1600mm x 1200mm. These tables achieve a low closed height to eliminate the need for a pit installation.

Manufactured to all European safety standards, the low profile range includes a remote power pack with pedestal and controls, a 24 V control box with up-and-down buttons and emergency stop, and an upper platform fitted with safety perimeter to prevent descent on contact with obstructions.

An external power pack equips the user with a relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed.

In case of hose breakage, a hose burst safety valve stops the lift from lowering. Removable lifting eyes facilitate handling and installation of the lift table.

Oil bushings are found on pivot points, and a loading ramp is available for the lift tables.


Of heavy duty design, the Regular series meets all applicable safety standards and can be used in above-floor or in pit-applications. Across the range, lift capacity spans from 500kg through to 4000kg.

Lowered height is as little as 190mm, while raised height of the largest model is 1100mm.

Platform sizes can be in 1300mm x 800mm, 1600mm x 1000mm, or 2000mm x 1200mm.

All models in the Regular range have an upper platform fitted with safety bar which prevents descent on contact with obstructions.

A low tension 24 V control box has up-down buttons. An internal power pack is equipped with relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed.

Heavy-duty cylinders with drainage system and check-valve stop the lift table lowering in case of hose burst.

A safety clearance between scissors prevents trapping during operation.

The heavy-duty units also have self lubricating bushings on pivot points, removable lifting eyes to facilitate handling and lift table installation, and high-quality AC power packs made in Europe.

For more information, please contact, Actisafe 1300 852 397