Fast, low-contact gripping

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FESTO'S low-contact suction gripper OGGB is an alternative to suction cups for handling highly sensitive solar cells and other fragile work pieces.

The gripper transports thin, flexible work pieces quietly, reliably and quickly, for example plastic sheets, solar panels or glass panes.

Compressed air is accelerated to supersonic speed through a tiny gap. This produces a powerful vacuum on the underside of the gripper. 

OGGB grips waters using the Bernoulli principle. The wafers rest on inserts made from polymer and are perfect for optimal performance of solar cells as they grip without leaving any impression: no deformation, residue or shadow. 

A further large advantage when compared with conventional suction cups is the fact that no dirt (like the silicon dust produced when a wafer breaks) can get into the system. That means that no costly filters are required and any downtime is cut to a minimum. 

The system also operates quietly, with this powerful though gentle machine adding no loud noises to a work environment. 
Other features include integrated vacuum generation and stops made of elastomer for higher lateral forces. 

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