Insight into Productivity

Crown Equipment's new Insite™ productivity platform will assist customers in making better business decisions.

As with most industries in the current global economic crisis, the material handling industry is under pressure to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Productivity improvements are being demanded within each material handling company and from each company’s customers as everyone searches for greater efficiencies.

According to Craig Kenchington, General Manager, Marketing at Crown Equipment, the company’s new Insite™ productivity platform will assist customers in making better business decisions.

“Part of Crown’s traditional approach to business has been to partner with customers and, with new productivity tools we have developed, we are in a strong position to help them through these times,” says Kenchington.

“Crown has applied its material handling and lift truck knowledge to put together this productivity optimisation system. By capturing and applying data in ways only Crown can, Crown Insite™ gives our customers a more comprehensive picture of their fleet in real-time.

More than just the data, it’s the collective knowledge and systematic interpretation of data that leads to better decision making,” he says.

“Backed by research gathered through field-testing and the use of an extensive IT infrastructure, Crown Insite™ collects, integrates and analyses data, both inside and beyond the truck, providing customers with increased knowledge about productivity and efficiency.

“Crown Insite™ puts our customers’ needs first by providing new levels of lift truck performance and productivity,” Kenchington says.

“By capturing material handling data and other knowledge gained from Insite™, we create an environment where fleet managers are able to analyse results and make better decisions that will improve their overall efficiency and bottom line.”

For more than 50 years, Crown Equipment Corporation has focused on delivering innovation. Now more than ever, Crown sees the evolution of material handling solutions moving beyond the lift truck into the realm where data can be integrated and used to make smarter and faster decisions.

As a leader in material handling solutions, Crown pairs its problem-solving expertise with customer consultation and support, assisting customers with not only the interpretation of information, but also a long-term plan specific to their individual fleet management needs.

This new approach to data analysis is Crown Insite™. Inside Crown Insite Elements of Crown Insite™ function best when used together, but are available as separate modules.

This industry-leading integrated approach incorporates proven tools like InfoLink®, FleetStats® and Access 1.2.3.®.

Crown Insite™ is the new standard for providing key information for customers, as the world of material handling becomes more data-driven.

The Crown Insite™ approach integrates information, both about the truck and beyond the truck that provides another level of knowledge for managers. Crown Insite™ includes Access 1.2.3., which monitors and controls key lift truck components and systems to safely maximise performance and provide real-time diagnostics.

The Insite™ approach also incorporates fleet knowledge by analysing the age and types of trucks and measuring the true cost of maintenance.

Crown Insite™ can integrate information from the FleetSTATS system to track performance and maintenance to help extend product lifespan.

The system provides reports and spreadsheets that help customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.