Keep cargo dry in transit

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A clay based desiccant manufactured by Australian Warehouse Solutions is helping protect container shipments against moisture problems.

Moisture is not considered a problem when packing cargo in Australia at 18°C on a typical winter day. However, the same cargo can be exposed to moisture problems when the container gets to the equator or is trans-shipped via Singapore and the internal temperature in the container touches 50°C. The high temperature and humidity create ‘cargo sweat’ that can cause mildew, rust and sodden cartons. The cargo will most likely arrive in a damaged condition, and often not suitable for sale.

Most exporters achieve appropriate protection by using container desiccant to ensure their cargo arrives in pristine condition.

By adding AWS’ MBD99 desiccant, the container shipment can be protected cost-effectively. The desiccant is available in a variety of sizes to suit shipments of all sizes.

MBD99 clay based desiccant has been manufactured by AWS for over 25 years and is used by numerous exporters to completely protect their loads.