Medium duty shelving

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INDUSTRIAL companies, auto workshops, parts processors and council workshops/ maintenance depots can now source Actisafe’s re-usable and rugged shelving system designed to the storage of spare parts and other equipment.

These medium duty shelving can be easily customised according to space constraints of the user. It can also be custom painted to match a corporate or company colour requirement. Most commonly the product is supplied as requested in industrial blue or safety yellow.

Actisafe’s medium duty shelving is made of solid construction, reinforced both vertically and horizontally, to take the bumps normally associated in industrial operation, such as bumps from pallet jacks and for forklift trucks.

For users that regularly upsize or downsize their operations – or those moving to new premises – the system has also been configured to be dismantled and reassembled easily.

The design also allows visibility from both sides of the unit to simplify accessibility to product and also increase the visibility of all items placed on it.

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