Mobicon two-tower Gantry Crane

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The Mobicon is a patented two-tower Gantry Crane or Straddle Carrier of unique design. When empty, the two towers are connected by draw-bars. When a container is handled, the rear tower carries the rear of the container, the front tower carries the front of the container, making the container part of the Straddle Carrier structure.

The Mobicon saves space by carrying containers lengthwise, and a 5m laneway is sufficient for transporting them. It can also move inside a building or under an awning, as it is only 4m high when carrying a container. It can additionally load containers on road vehicles, as the lift-height is 1.7m

Unlike forklifts or reach stackers, the weight of the container is evenly spread out over the 8 wheels of the Mobicon, resulting in a very low wheel weight, half that of other straddle carriers. Therefore there is less pressure as the Mobicon moves across the yard, reducing yard damage and therefore maintenance costs.

A safe machine, the operator cabin is away from the load, the container is carried only 30cm off the ground and furthermore no chains are used, reducing back or hand injuries caused by handling chain hooks.

Importantly the Mobicon provides savings by reducing truck turnaround times; clients pack containers faster while on the ground, they have less chassis tied up and can work more efficiently deciding when to pack or unpack a container, no more waiting for trucks to arrive.