New drive systems for sorting facilities

Chosen to supply a state-of-the-art materials handling system for one of Australia’s largest move of freight, Daifuku BCS needed over one thousand geared motors and inverters. Daifuku BCS decided to go with the NORD Drivesystems because the product offered a number of innovative features that provide efficiencies for both Daifuku BCS and their client.

A facility of this size requires an extensive conveyor system to move parcels around within the facility. Such a system requires a significant quantity of motors and inverters. Daifuku BCS chose NORD’s new helical bevel series geared motors fitted with decentralised inverters for the job.

According to BCS Engineering Manager Frank Kassai, “The conveyors run the delivery of all parcels to the sorter and basic distribution from the sorter as well.”

“With NORD products, if you have a failure, you can plug in a new motor and reprogram it. This enables the operator to change a motor drive in a few minutes, instead of needing an electrician to physically rewire a new motor drive.”

NORD’s gear units consist of supreme-quality components developed in Germany and manufactured in the company’s own production centres. Featuring a superior power density and extra-strong bearings, these units ensure trouble-free operation, achieve a long service life, and run very quietly.

Its motor starters and frequency inverters, which are developed and manufactured at the company’s own electronics plant, are very compact, enable easy commissioning, and feature consistent operability. The varied range of types and options provides a scalable feature set for precise adaption to a manager’s requirements.