New electric scissor lift for enhanced mobility

United Forklift and Access Solutions has released the new Haulotte Optimum 8 electric scissor lift with enhanced manoeuvrability and 230kg lift capacity.

The lift has a speed of 5km/h, a 1.5m turning radius, and integrated safety features. Its asynchronous AC motors offer smooth precision movements and its narrow turning radius allow operators to manoeuvre in difficult-to-access areas, while ensuring their safety.

The lift has compact dimensions of 0.79m wide and 1.9m in length. It has a working height of 7.7m and drivability at full height up to its platform height of 5.77m.

It can operate in winds up to 45 km/h while maintaining full load capacity with automatic protection against potholes and other obstacles. It can also mount truck ramps.

The lift has an intelligent counterweight design in the back of the chassis to enhance safety and productivity and ensuring platform access cannot be damaged. Additionally, the counterweight ensures safety through its integration of protected non-skid steps and storage area for charger plugs and optional electrical plugs.

It offers extra protection against weather corrosion for pins, screws, bolts and paint, complemented by waterproof connectors to safeguard electrical circuits against humidity and corrosion.

The lift has a Haulotte ACTIV’Screen embedded diagnostic device which provides key information including tilt, overload, breakdown, necessary maintenance and battery level. It enables technicians to program, repair, calibrate and control the machine without other tools.

The lift also has swing-out trays for quick and easy maintenance, one for the batteries, and the other for hydraulic and electrical systems.

Optional features including pipe cradle, AC power to platform, working light, glazier pack and a safety flashing light.