New Financial Year – Time to Get Your Warehouse Organised

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With the onset of the new financial year, it is time for companies to get their warehouses organised and made safer for employees.

Signet offers several solutions that can be implemented in warehouses to introduce better efficiency and more safety. These include signs, industrial markers, shelving, protective wear and stationery among others.


Signs offer one of the quickest and easiest ways of communicating with employees and visitors. Signs can be used to warn people about potential dangers, instruct with health and safety signs, encourage a clean and safe workplace with housekeeping messages, assert mandatory instructions, clearly indicate the location of emergency supplies, and prevent accidents with warning or prohibition signs.

People can also be easily directed with factory and site signs, fire safety signs, traffic signs, floor marking signs and exit signs. Signet offers customisation of signs to meet specific communication needs.

Industrial Markers

Signet offers a comprehensive range of industrial marker pens for companies to organise or communicate within the warehouse. There are new inks, paints and pens available, specifically designed to perform in outdoor or indoor environments, and permanently or temporarily mark some of the most difficult surfaces or materials. A range of colours allows for aesthetic appeal or helps with colour coding.


Signet’s shelving range allows companies to properly store stock, supplies or other items, simplifying processes, reducing the potential for danger and accidents, and increasing efficiency. Storage solutions range from easy-to-assemble shelving to the workbench that combines a bench top and shelving. The shelving will keep stock off the ground, eliminating trip hazards, and makes things easy to find.

Protective Wear

Signet’s protective wear protects people from workplace hazards. Companies must take stock of the quality of their protective wear at the start of the financial year and replace where necessary to ensure preparedness at all times.


Stationery can make organisation abundantly easier with the ability to colour-code, file, record, highlight, scribe, stick, label, bind and tidy.