Pantograph-style reach truck available in three capacities

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Nissan has developed its first pantograph style reach truck; the SRX Platinum Series, available in three capacities ranging from 1,360kg – 2,000kg. 

According to the company the truck was developed from intensive operator input to ensure its acceptance into the highly competitive reach truck market in the USA.  

For example, the entry and exit is simplified due to a low step height. The side stance design is said to provide comfortable forward or reverse driving and includes a gently sloped floorboard, which sits atop four vibration isolators, offering a relaxed driving position throughout a standing shift. 

The reach truck also features a dual spring suspension system in the caster design which is said to add to the smoothness and offers a more stable operation over uneven or rough driving surfaces.

The truck’s dash includes an LED display to communicate truck status and warnings to the operator including: travel speed, battery capacity, hour meter, parking brake warning and steering wheel position.