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CK Safety has launched a comprehensive range of metal detectable and X-ray detectable protective clothing products for production lines in the food industry.

Production lines are constantly at risk of contamination from protective clothing or other articles. If these contaminants go undetected, it can result in costly product recalls, equipment damage, harm to a company's reputation or worse, serious injury if the contaminant is consumed.  

CK Safety's range tion lines provides added safety of being metal and X-ray detectable. Designed for caterers, food processors and food manufacturing plants, the hygiene clothing range is also suitable for use in a wide range of industries. 

The X-ray and metal detectable clothing products include non-woven mob caps, mesh hair nets, non-woven and mesh beard snoods, non-woven and polythene sleeve covers, heavy-duty nitrile gloves, disposable vinyl gloves and shoe covers. The new disposable polythene aprons are supplied on a roll, allowing easy use and storage.  

All these protective clothing products can be used as part of a system for the control of foreign body contamination and compliance with HACCP and BRC Issue 6.  

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