Safety torches

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Portable lightning company Wolf Safety Lamp has released the new M-80 midi LED safety torches.

These safety torches are compact and lightweight for ease of transportation, are powered by 4AA primary cells and fitted with a high power LED light source.  

These safety torches are CE marked to the 94/9/EC (ATEX Equipment) directive and are IECEx Scheme Certified for safe use in ATEX & IECEx Zones 1 & 2 potentially explosive gas vapour and mist atmospheres for group IIA and IIB (industrial) gas groups. 

The torches can withstand up to T4 temperature classes, and group I M2 mining applications making them perfect for underground coal mines.  

Ideal for inspection and maintenance tasks, these safety torches have a light output of up to 120 lumens.

Furthermore, they employ bespoke optics that produces a powerful spot beam, along with a wide angle fringe beam. 

These safety torches are designed for single handed switching, making them highly convenient and easy to use. 

Robust in nature, the torches are water and dust tight to IP67, manufactured from a high impact resistant thermoplastic and feature an impact resistant polycarbonate lens.  

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