Sterling Order Management for Borders

Borders® has implemented Sterling Order Management from Sterling Commerce as the order fulfillment foundation for its recently launched

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Borders® has implemented Sterling Order Management from Sterling Commerce as the order fulfillment foundation for its recently launched

By providing market-leading order management capabilities that enable and support complex cross-channel selling and fulfillment, Sterling Commerce is helping Borders deliver a superior shopping experience for its customers.

“Sterling Order Management provides the depth of functionality, combined with a flexible architecture, to enable Borders to efficiently fill our customer orders,” says Kevin Ertell, vice president of e-business for Borders Group.

As the order fulfillment foundation for the, Sterling Order Management manages the entire order life cycle, supporting order capture and ultimately managing fulfillment through payment authorisation.

Sterling Order Management enables Borders to deliver a superior shopping experience by leveraging its: Native Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Intelligent sourcing engine to direct fulfillment, Process-centric order broker to provide a unified view of the order, and Inventory synchronisation capabilities to aggregate global inventory.

“Borders has been a leader in embracing cross-channel execution as a key principle in driving superior customer service and top-line revenue,” says Josh Brammer, Client Manager Retail and Supply Chain, Sterling Commerce.

“The company is leveraging Sterling Order Management in innovative ways to improve the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and create new revenue opportunities.”

Sterling Order Management facilitates end-to-end processing of customer orders through Borders’ complex fulfillment network.

Borders has multiple distribution locations and complex fulfillment guidelines, and the Sterling Order Management intelligent sourcing engine determines the most efficient and least costly location to manage that order’s fulfillment.

In addition to efficient sourcing, Sterling Order Management provides the business process flexibility to enable Borders to set up their own sourcing rules to accommodate unique requirements.

Sterling Order Management also provides innovative cross-channel fulfillment capabilities, such as order from anywhere, ship from/to anywhere.

To reduce inventory costs and maximise the customer experience, Sterling Order Management provides end-to-end visibility as the order flows through its lifecycle, even when it lies with a partner in the fulfillment network.

Aggregation of inventory information across channels improves inventory utilisation, reduces excess safety stock, and minimises lost sales due to stock-outs.

This enterprise inventory synchronisation also increases customers’ confidence in the entire fulfillment process by setting their expectations at the point of purchase and allowing Borders to leverage all channels seamlessly — Web, store and call centre.

Sterling Order Management orchestrates the enterprise order management process, providing a contextual, unified view of the order.

This view, used by the call centre not only improves efficiencies throughout the order lifecycle by ensuring the right information is accessible and actionable for those who need it, it also captures exceptions by leveraging a proactive events management and alert notification modeler to ensure customer orders are complete, accurate, and timely.

Sterling Order Management is part of the Sterling Selling And Fulfillment Suite, a suite of cross-channel applications that enable seamless execution of order offer/capture/management processes across multiple channels and facilitate all aspects of fulfillment, including transportation management, warehouse management, and holistic supply chain visibility.

Sterling Commerce further ensures seamless execution by delivering secure connectivity and integration solutions that enable timely access to decision-critical information regardless of whether it comes from internal or external sources.

Sterling Commerce also adds the power of community through connectivity to tens of thousands of suppliers, carriers, and other supply chain partners and access to seasoned community management resources who on-board and manage an organization’s entire electronic business community.