Secrets to supply-chain success

Rob O'Byrne, Founder and CEO, Logistics Bureau Group.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was knowledgeable indeed. Not only did he co-found a little country called the United States, he was also an author, inventor, printer and publisher – among many other things. His skills were not formally taught, though. Throughout his lifetime, Franklin learned from others and from himself. How cool is that?

Fast-forward two hundred and fifty years and it’s safe to say that appropriate ongoing education is now deemed essential for success. However true that may be, success – especially in business – often stems in equal measure from knowing the right tools and techniques that are rarely if ever formally taught.

This is certainly true for the field of supply chain. Not unlike Franklin, supply-chain professionals must be jacks of all trades and masters of many. Without a working knowledge of some of the more advanced supply-chain management tools and techniques, performance really suffers. Not knowing can hurt businesses cost-wise and it can – and will – negatively impact their customer service.

The thing is: you just don’t learn all of this stuff in school. I set out on a mission twenty years ago to help fill these knowledge gaps. My objective was to teach simple techniques – essentials – that help businesses actively leverage the supply chain to boost services, reduce costs and improve profitability. The free ‘supply chain executive seminar’ series was born.

As well as a fun way to catch up with colleagues and friends, and provide some good industry networking, it’s a chance to share personal and proven tips on boosting team and business performance.

The biggest added values of the seminars is that every year hundreds of participants from the world of supply chain, logistics, human resources and training from across Southeast Asia and Australia come together to share and learn.

The sessions are highly interactive and delegates jointly discover practical solutions to common challenges. So, what normally takes decades of experience to work out can now be tackled in a single morning, afternoon or evening.

This year, Logistics Bureau is expanding its seminar series to enable even more industry executives to attend. Rather than just breakfast seminars, lunch and dinner events are also on the menu. First up is Australia. During the second half of February, seminars will be held at five venues across Sydney and Melbourne.

Informal learning truly is a great investment to make. One that is best enjoyed in a relaxed setting with seriously cool people.

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