The benefits of Sales & Operations Planning

Guide your company to lower inventories and shorter lead times with higher shipping reliability through a better S&OP process.

Two APICS one day seminars will help you guide your company to lower inventories and shorter lead times with higher shipping reliability through a better S&OP process.

They are recommended for any key player involved in the S&OP process from senior directors to production, project management, IT, finance and demand forecasting managers.

Learn how to use a cross-functional Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process to improve:

  • Customer Service Levels
  • Inventory Levels
  • Control of the Business
  • Overall Communication

The seminars are aimed at executives who need to understand the Sales & Operations Planning methodology and how it relates to Integrated Business Management and Lean Thinking approaches.

They explains how senior management can apply these principles to manage their business more effectively.

S&OP is the integrated business planning process that provides a practical and highly effective way to strategically link sales to operations and finance.

To achieve a competitive advantage, customer focused demand plans must be integrated with the management of the supply side of the business.

The S&OP process outlined in this seminar provides the knowledge to ensure sales, operations, and inventories are aligned and that plans are measured to enable continuous improvement.


  • Creating and understanding Integrated Business Management and S&OP business benefits
  • The Five Step S&OP process for better customer service, lower inventories and higher profits
  • Clearly defining your purpose and S&OP approach
  • Demand management and forecasting
  • Engaging sales and marketing personnel — less effort, better forecasts
  • Make to Stock versus Build to Customer Demand: Dell, Dow and HP postponement strategies ” The S&OP process timeline ” Key S&OP performance measures
  • The Mechanics of S&OP
  • The 16 Dos and 8 Donts for a successful S&OP approach
  • Regional/Plant relationships in a global S&OP environment
  • Multi-site S&OP timelines
  • S&OP performance measures
  • Identifying and solving fundamental S&OP problems

About the seminar presenter:

Phil Heenanhas CFPIM and CSCP designations along with various other Supply Chain qualifications. He is the current apics education director and the immediate past National President.

Management roles include Group Logistics Manager and Class A MRPII/DRP Project Manager for one of the first Class A accreditations in the region.

Heenan started his consulting firm after achieving Class A in 1988 and became an Oliver Wight Education Associate during the same year.

His client list includes an enviable list of Best Practice Companies who have used Phil’s vast experience to improve business profitability.

Heenan is an experienced practitioner, business coach and educator who specialises in four of this century’s most effective improvement initiatives; MRPII, S&OP, ERP and Lean Thinking, delivering outstanding benefits.

A regular presenter at national and international conferences, he is also a contributing author to The Gower Handbook of Logistics Management and the S&OP Best Practices book.

Seminar VENUES:

1. Boardroom, Holmesglen Conference Centre 8:30 am — 4:30 pm Friday 3 October 2008

2. The Sebel Hotel, 350 Church Street, Parramatta 9:00 am — 5:00 pm Friday 17 October 2008

COST: $ 715 apics members $ 935 Non-members (Includes a 1 year Membership)