Box On Demand: Any Box, Sized Right, Every Time

Abbe Corrugated, a leading corrugated cardboard manufacturer, in collaboration with Italian innovator Panotec brings Box On Demand equipment to the Australian market.

Box On Demand is the ‘on-demand’ packaging equipment solution of the future with its ability to allow for fully customisable and highly configurable corrugated cardboard packaging options in your own facility.

Box On Demand packaging solution provides:

  • A revolutionary approach to sourcing corrugated packaging for companies that distribute a complex and shifting range of products
  • Ideal for 3PL fulfilment, e-commerce &, Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • The ‘on-demand’ packaging solution reduces packaging costs by up to 30%
  • Provides great value to handling processes, reduced labour & transportation costs
  • Reduced environmental impact.  It’s simple, a more efficient supply chain reduces uses less natural resources.
  • With the right-sized box every time this eliminates the need for packaging fillers and empty space within carton

Abbe Corrugated will work with you to understand your packaging current packaging process and provide the ideal machinery configured to your businesses operational and fulfilment needs. Ongoing purchase of the Fanfold corrugated material via Abbe and its list of companies will get you on your way to a smarter and more efficient box and packaging solution.

To find out more visit the Abbe Corrugated website or fill out the form below to download the brochure.