Yojee signs MOU with Australian sports goods distributor

Logistics and supply chain management software firm Yojee has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Australian sporting goods distributor One Sports PUMA.

The terms include the use of Yojee’s software as well as moving OS Puma freight through Yojee’s on-demand national delivery network, the software company’s first step into the $3.5 billion Australian sporting goods market.

“Yojee software gives us a level on control and visibility I’ve never seen before, and will allow us to scale up out logistics present by utilising and integrating with multiple warehouses into the Yojee logistics network,” said Patrick Spagnolo, Managing Director, OS Puma.

Ed Clarke, Managing Director, Yojee, added, “We are in the early days of digitally transforming a very traditional industry with minimal capital expenditure whilst gaining outstanding market adoption.

“We have build software that provides senders with more transparency and control, and carriers with much greater efficiency and revenue generating opportunity.

With the recipient having access to real-time tracking on each delivery. We are closing in on our goal of 30-minute delivery windows, putting to end the era of painful recipient experiences of 24-hour or 6-hour delivery windows, meaning no more waiting all day for a parcel.”